Sunday, March 6, 2011

Homemade Tamales

As of yesterday I am 38 weeks pregnant. I spent my late morning and afternoon making tamales. Jarom is so adorable and wonderful that even as uncomfortable as I can be at times I did this for him. He asked if I would be willing to make tamales about a year and a half ago. He has been so patient and it is a miracle that I agreed to try (as most of you know before getting married I did not cook at all and never thought I would). I just love making that boy happy!

The end of January I was at a friend's house (Jessica Wheeler) and she had made tamales and wanted me to try one. It was my first time and I liked it with sour cream. The corn flour called masa is more coarse than our flour (so texturally I need the sour cream). When I came home and told Jarom that I am committed to trying to make them before we have the baby he was so excited. So doing this for him has been on my list of "things to do before the baby comes" since then. Jessica told me to let her know if I needed any help.

Some of the recipe was in spanish and so I didn't realize that the masa it called for was already moistened (I had the dry flour). So instead of a nice light dough it was a dry crumble. I called Jessica and she came over to help, yeah! I knew it needed more chicken stock and/or water I just wasn't sure how much. I used fresh banana leaves and so they had to be washed and then softened in the oven. Jessica told me you can buy frozen ones that are ready to fold. On friday I prepared the pork in the crock pot. Yesterday I did the dough, guajillo chili sauce, assembly and steaming of the tamales. It was wonderful having Jessica to show me the best way to fold and Jarom was in the kitchen cheering us on (the recipe gave directions but to have someone show me is so much easier). Jarom was able to try one before he left at 3:30 to go on a long run with his Dad and he was a very happy and grateful boy. He was so proud of me. Because he is so encouraging and complimentary it makes me want to make them again (plus it was kind of a cool new cooking experience). It will probably be a couple months (once I have my head on straight from having this baby).

Hope you are all doing great and we'll let you know when our new addition is here!!!