Sunday, February 13, 2011

February 2011

So I know it's been a long time. Now that I can post I will do my best to do a better job!!! The above picture is at Halloween 2010. Loranna is almost 6yrs, Nathan is 4 1/2yrs, and Daniel is almost 2yrs. We had such a fun night. So here is an update on the people in the Webster family:

Jarom and his Dad at the beginning of his 3rd marathon in St. George Utah 10-2-10. This was the first time he ran a Marathon with someone and was so happy to have Dad with him. He beat his best time by almost 40 minutes.

Jarom is getting ready to run a half marathon with his dad in Salt Lake this April. Last year at this time he had a health exam at work and decided he needed to improve his health. His exam went much better this month. He has lost almost 60 pounds and is feeling great. I am so proud of him. He also is getting ready to start new MS medicine this month. No more nightly shots, YEAH!!! The new medicine will be a night capsale by mouth! Now we are praying that the new medicine will work for him.

Mom Webster, Sarah, Jarom and Loranna. This picture was taken 10-29-10 outside the Tabernacle at Temple Square. It's after a Relief Society Musical Festival I was blessed to sing in. Loranna was so excited to go and to get to stay up late.

Sarah is now 35 weeks pregnant with a little boy. We are all so excited to welcome him into our family. Almost every morning Nathan is the first one up and he comes in my room and wants to say good morning to his brother and he says he wishes he would come out. I enjoy going to the gym and getting in the water and working on my favoite cross training machine. I'm planning to make homeade Tamales next week for Jarom (that should be an adventure). I'll let ya know how and if that works!

I took this picture 12-1-10. Loranna did her hair all by herself. She is loving kindergarten, having playdates and is becoming quite the artist. Last week I picked her up from school and she ran to me and said "mama I'm in love." His name is Russel and he told her that day "your more beautiful than anything." She was glowing all day! When I told Jarom he said "if that's all it takes we are in trouble!" This year we finished a room downstairs for her and she loves having her own space. Loranna is such a light and she's the best helper!!!

Papa and Nana Blanchard with Nathan on 11-21-10. Nathan enjoys going to preschool 4 days a week and having playdates. I have such social kids. He has the most amazing imagination and loves to play. He is a very tender hearted boy. Four months ago had his tonsils and adnoid out and he is sleeping better. He is so ready for spring so he can get outside and ride his scooter (he is really fast and has great balance). When I drop him off at preschool I love to listen to him sing his abc's as he is soaping up his hands. Nathan is my little star and he keeps me on my toes!!!

Daniel looking at a book (one of his favorite things to do). He is talking quite a bit now. He counts up to 10 almost perfectly. He always leaves out seven. Just this morning he was counting some cards and Jarom said "say seven" and he grabbed a card instead and said "see fish." We are getting ready to move him into Nathan's room in the top bunk. He is excited to go into a big boy bed. He loves to stack3 or 4 blocks together and bring it to you singing happy birthday to you. Then I blow the pretend candle out and we eat. He is such a joy to have in our family!!!


nuttbutts said...

i am so glad you are updating! i need to do a better job as well. good to know the webster family is doing so well! way to go jarom on the marathons, and good luck to you sarah on you new baby!

Daneice said...

Homemade tamales??? Where do I sign? Man, I love those things. How did they come out?

It was good to see those pics of everyone, you all look radiant and happy. Loranna looks so old in that pic of here in one of the house rooms. Growing up fast!

Heather Mowrer said...

Um that was Heather, not Daneice. Apparently my mom didn't sign out when zeh used my computer last weekend. Anywhoo . . .

dblanchard said...

Wow! What a sweet and active Family! Lots of good things happening to lots of great people. I agree with Heather concerning the picture of Loranna! She is not a 'little' girl anymore. We love and adore every one of you!!!