Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Jarom in the hospital today

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noellehaegele said...

Dear Jarom,
Today you ran the mini marathon in Louisville, Ky. During the race you encountered my friend, Beth McMasters. You may recall her as she was wearing a shirt saying "stop cancer drug shortages." You made a comment she overheard regarding how stupid that sentiment was.
I just wanted to let you know that Beth is the mother of a 12 year old son currently receiving treatment for leukemia. Due to your occupation, I am sure you are aware of the need for leukemic patients to receive their chemotherapy on a strictly timed regimen in order to most effectively destroy the leukemic cells. I'm also sure you are aware that with leukemic patients, a delay in treatment can adversely affect their response to treatment and ultimately their long-term prognosis. Maybe you are also aware, since it has been extensively covered in the national news, of the shortages of crucial chemotherapy drugs that are affecting the timely treatment kids like Beth's son.
You appear to have a lovely family based on my reading of your blog. You also appear to have had some health concerns of your own and at least one child requiring hospitalization. Can you imagine how you would have felt to not only watch your child struggle for his life but to be told that he may not receive the drugs he needed to make him well- not because they weren't invented, not because they were too expensive, but because the drug companies simply didn't make enough?
What you don't know is that Beth's son has requested that his Make A Wish request be an appeal to drug companies to ensure the production of lifesaving chemotherapy so no other child with his disease will ever have that worry. You also don't know that Beth, along with her husband and son, have worked for the last several months to speak with as many local and national media as possible to publicize the shortages. It's not a stupid issue, nor is it a stupid cause.
Your comment today was simply ignorant and I felt you should be made aware.