Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Back from LA, everyone's doing well

Sarah, Daniel, and I came back from LA last night. It was basically a long weekend for us--visiting Carrie and Mike on Saturday and Sunday and staying in downtown LA on Monday and Tuesday for a convention for my work. It was a nice break for us, but we were especially glad to be able to go now that Nathan is doing better.

My folks and a neighbor in our ward took care of Loranna and Nathan while we were gone. Nathan got an ear infection, which was uncomfortable deja vu for us since his symptoms started with a fever and coughing (sound familiar?). However, he had not trouble breathing, so we were reasonably certain that it wasn't a return of the pneumonia. The doctor diagnosed it as an ear infection, and he is on antibiotics now.

He is doing even better than when we left. He is speaking more evenly and running around more. He is especially excited that we are going to a second BYU game (v. Air Force) on the 21st!

Tonight, Loranna and Sarah are at Disney on Ice watching all the princesses. They haven't returned yet, so I'm sure they've been having a blast.

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Heather Mowrer said...

It's great you guys were still able t otake your trip. Looking forward to seeing you at Thanksgiving!