Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Nathan's going home!

Great news! The doctors cleared Nathan to come home today. He is almost back to normal and his rehabilitation therapy will continue on an in-home basis. He is no longer contagious with the flu and has not been for days. He still isn’t talking very much but everything else is going fine. The doctors advised us to have the other two kids get the swine flu vaccine as a precaution, but not because of anything to do with Nathan.

Sarah and I really appreciate your well wishes, love, and concern. Thank you very much.


Riggs Family said...

Best news! We love you guys and we are glad that Nathan and your family are doing well. If you need anything please feel free to let us know!
April, Jack and Danay

The Wehrmeister's said...

Such great news, your family has been on our mind so much lately. We are soo happy that he is able to go home.

Please don't stop using your blog!

The Wehrmeisters

Heather Mowrer said...

Yay! It will feel so good to have your family back together again. Good for Nathan too :). Best wishes!

Cory and Monika said...

Yeah-hoo! That is so exciting. I am sure it will be nice for Nathan to get back home. Hospitals just don't have the same feeling as home. I am so glad to hear the great news.

Andy and Sarah said...

That is awesome news!!!! Hope he continues to do better. If you need anything let us know

Kip and Cheryl Johnstead Family said...

That is so wonderful!! We are so glad to hear that he is going home and that he is improving!! He is your little miracle! We are glad to have been able to be part of the prayers on his and your behalf! We love you all!
Kip, Cheryl, Alyssa, Robbie and Hunter

Riggs Family said...

How are things going?
April and Jack