Sunday, October 25, 2009

Nathan's doing well, not much changed since yesterday

Nathan is about the same today as yesterday. His last IV has been removed since he has finished the antibiotics for his staph infection. He is in good spirits but is still not talking very much. Sarah and I have both been with him this afternoon and evening, and we've had a lot of fun playing together.

Sarah was told today that his MRI showed encephalitis, or brain swelling. This might explain the neurological problems that he has been having. I did some research and found that four kids in Texas who had swine flu in July got encephalitis as well. They had similar neurological problems to the ones that Nathan has, but they all fully recovered. This seems to be a somewhat rare side effect of the swine flu, but it was good to read that they recovered! We have faith that Nathan will do so as well.

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Mark said...

We thank you for doing these updates. Like you, we are grateful for Nathan's improvements. Lots of love. The Forbes Family