Saturday, October 17, 2009

Day 6 (cont.)

Tonight Nathan's status has not changed much. They have turned his ventilator down a little since his carbon dioxide levels have dropped (this is a good thing). The next goal is for his lungs to get strong enough to switch to a different ventilator that allows for him to do more of his breathing on his own.

The nurses continue to suction his lungs. Nathan doesn't like this very much; sometimes he fidgets and grimaces since it makes him uncomfortable. The good thing is that he is improving and not getting worse. He has had two days and nights of not getting worse now. :) More tomorrow.


The Smith Family said...

I heard about what is happening, from your parents (I believe) at church today. I am SO sorry for the problems that you are going through! Cason and I just wanted to let you know that your family, and especially little Nathan, are in our prayers. You are amazing parents, and Nathan is so lucky to have you two by his side.
We would love to help, anyway we can.
Shelley and Cason Smith

Michelle said...

Great idea to update on the blog :D I'll post the link on the Ward FB page. I've still got preschool carpool covered for Loranna - you guys let me know if there is ANYTHING else I can do! Love you all & know you're in my prayers!