Saturday, October 24, 2009

Day 13--N continues to improve

Some highlights since our last post:

  • Nathan slept really well last night
  • He is sitting unassisted now for minutes at a time
  • He has been upgraded to a "mechanical soft" diet, meaning that he can eat both soft and pureed foods
  • He paid attention when I read him stories and watched some Playhouse Disney shows this morning
  • He is talking less than last night, which the speech therapist said is normal (frequency goes up and down). However, he has said a few words today, like George, snake, and puppy (while I was reading him Curious George)
  • The pediatrician said that cases like his have been seen in Texas recently and have been attributed to lingering effects from swine flu
  • Starting Monday, he will begin in-patient rehabilitation here in the hospital. This will involve several hours per day of intensive speech, physical, and occupational therapy. I have no idea what occupational therapy means but I will ask.
  • He laughs when I tickle him and when I play dinosaurs with him.



Whitney said...

Nice update! Occupational therapy involves training and strengthening fine muscle movement, as opposed to large muscles that physical therapists work with. They will help Nathan learn to use his hands and fingers. They also work with the speech therapists to do the swallow studies and evaluation that Nathan had.

Jessica, Shane and Kaden said...

OT's will also address functional skills like feeding, and dressing himself. PT works more on building trunk control and working on getting him back moving again. We are soooo happy that he is progressing. I'm sure the highlight for you was his hug and cuddle time. I just can't imagine being a mom of an autistic child where that is a daily battle. We love you guys and continue to keep you in our prayers!!!

Riggs Family said...

Wow! What a great blessing! Prayers are being answered!