Friday, October 23, 2009

Day 12 update:

Nathan's team told me this morning that they are still looking for answers about how and why this has happened to him. But right now it is a mystery. We are going to start working with the rehab team of doctors and therapists so we can help Nathan to make the journey back to 100% recovery. Speech, occupational, and physical therapy are the main groups we will be working with.

Both OT and PT came this morning and did an assessment with Nathan so they will have a baseline. While PT was working with him he sat himself up and stayed in the position for about 10 seconds and he made eye contact with me, I said to him "good job Nathan, mommy is here" and then he lunged forward and let me snuggle him. We stayed that way for about 5 minutes but my knees started to hurt and the phone kept ringing so I finally had to move. Oh how it warmed this mommies heart to feel like my sweet Nathan knew who I was and wanted me. Between this and his comment from last night "my mommy here, mommy here," I am finally feeling like he knows who I am and it's the best feeling in the world!!! Yesterday Jarom held Nathan in his lap and read half a story to him before he started fidgeting. Today I was able to read 2 and 1/2 books with him on my lap before he started fidgeting. We are so happy that his attention span is increasing.

Lastly, I just went with him for his swallow test and he did awesome. It was one of the coolest things I've ever seen. They sat him in a chair and did an x-ray of his throat while the speech therapist fed him. His throat is looking wonderful and functioning perfectly now. I was able to watch the pureed food and drink on the x-ray move down and it was amazing. He was so hungry. So they don't have to replace the feeding tube that he pulled off last night, yeah! We are so excited for his improvements, feel that we are moving forward and pray that it will continue.

Love, Sarah

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Heather Mowrer said...

Yay! I am so happy he continues to improve!