Monday, November 24, 2008

Daniel Jarom Webster is here!

Celebrate with us as we announce the arrival of Daniel Jarom Webster, who was born on November 23 2008 at 4:58 pm.

Vital stats:

9 pounds 5 ounces

20 3/4 inches long

14 1/2 inches head circumference

Sarah was in active labor for about five hours and pushed for about ten minutes. She was induced due to concern about Daniel's size (she didn't want the baby to be huge). Sarah and Daniel are both doing fine and are healthy.

Enjoy the pictures and I promise I will get more up on the blog soon.


nuttbutts said...

Congratulations you guys! What a beautiful baby. Are you coming for Christmas? We would love to see you then. Sara

The Kirkham Family said...

Congrats! I hope everyone is well!
Lots of love to the Webster fam.

Heather Mowrer said...

Wow! Now that is a newborn shot! Awesome.