Friday, June 20, 2008

Webster's June update

Lots of things have been going on. We took an exciting vacation to Vernal Utah over the Memorial Day holiday weekend. Sarah served five months of her mission in Vernal, so it was a pleasure for her to go back and visit. We had fun playing in the local pool, visiting a couple of families that Sarah knows, and going to the Utah Field House of Natural History. The kids liked the dinosaurs!

Schiff had Lagoon Day last week. Sarah and I left the kids behind and enjoyed an afternoon and evening together. Nathan had some pictures taken recently because he just turned 2. I've attached them below.

We're going to Oregon next week, and Sarah will spend much of July there (I'm flying back to SLC on 7/8). Take care everyone!
P.S. I was wrong in my previous post about not getting a 4.0. Somehow my professors gave me an A instead of an AB, so my 4.0 is still intact! Hurrah!