Monday, November 24, 2008


The rest of the first Daniel pix

Daniel Jarom Webster is here!

Celebrate with us as we announce the arrival of Daniel Jarom Webster, who was born on November 23 2008 at 4:58 pm.

Vital stats:

9 pounds 5 ounces

20 3/4 inches long

14 1/2 inches head circumference

Sarah was in active labor for about five hours and pushed for about ten minutes. She was induced due to concern about Daniel's size (she didn't want the baby to be huge). Sarah and Daniel are both doing fine and are healthy.

Enjoy the pictures and I promise I will get more up on the blog soon.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Pre-Disney World update

Hello friends and family.

Time is flying by as usual. We had a great vacation in Oregon last month. We camped in Molalla with Sarah's family, visited Seaside (Jarom's first time there), visited Tillamook Cheese Factory, went to "Carlton Fun Days" for the first time, and that was just while I was there! Sarah and the kids hung around for another ten days after I flew home to go back to work. All in all it was a great time. Loranna even started swimming lessons; she is a little fish.

Now we are preparing to go to Disney World with my folks and all my brothers and sisters and their families. Orlando in August will be hot and rainy, but we are expecting to have a great time. We'll be there for a week, then Sarah and the kids will come back to Magna while I spend five days in Wisconsin for the second residency of my master's degree. I'm hoping to keep the 4.0 GPA intact after my summer research class--fingers are crossed!

We were blessed to find a minivan that we could afford and liked. It is a '07 Kia Sedona; I wanted to buy a Toyota or a Honda but I just couldn't spend the money to do so. This car was a steal, so we couldn't pass it up even though we won't really need it until the third kid shows up in November. Sarah sure likes not having to drive me to work anymore!

Take care and we'll post some post-vacation pix later.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Webster's June update

Lots of things have been going on. We took an exciting vacation to Vernal Utah over the Memorial Day holiday weekend. Sarah served five months of her mission in Vernal, so it was a pleasure for her to go back and visit. We had fun playing in the local pool, visiting a couple of families that Sarah knows, and going to the Utah Field House of Natural History. The kids liked the dinosaurs!

Schiff had Lagoon Day last week. Sarah and I left the kids behind and enjoyed an afternoon and evening together. Nathan had some pictures taken recently because he just turned 2. I've attached them below.

We're going to Oregon next week, and Sarah will spend much of July there (I'm flying back to SLC on 7/8). Take care everyone!
P.S. I was wrong in my previous post about not getting a 4.0. Somehow my professors gave me an A instead of an AB, so my 4.0 is still intact! Hurrah!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Family update

I'm a blog slacker and will do better. OK, let's move on. :)

Item: We are pregnant! Baby is due at the end of November. We decided to be surprised this time and are very excited (of course).

Item: Nathan turns two tomorrow. He is a cute little boy whose vocabulary was late in starting but is growing every day. I know it's a cliche, but time really does fly!

Item: Sarah is enjoying her YW calling very much and is making some great connections with her Beehives. I get to go to certain YW activities since I am assisting the YW as part of my high council duties.

Item: My 4.0 GPA for my master's degree will be obliterated as of next week since I got an "AB" in one of my classes. Never mind that it was a 93%--it's still an AB! I got an A in the other class.

Item: Loranna is doing very well. She continues to amaze us with her vocabulary and understanding. She likes to run around outside and she loves her brother very much. She continually tells us that the new baby will be a girl.

Item: I was being recruited for a process technologist position for GlaxoSmithKline Mexico in Mexico City earlier this year. I had two phone interviews before GSK put a hiring freeze on technical personnel. The freeze could be over as soon as June or as late as September. Since they were looking to hire me for next year, it may just be a bump in the road, or my GSK possibilities may be over. Who knows!

We love you all and hope you are well!