Monday, October 15, 2007

Potentially exciting news for Jarom's career

I have been invited for an interview with a medium-sized pharmaceutical company in Austin, Texas. It will be on October 30. I've been casually looking for the right opportunity through some recruiters, and they found this for me. I already had a short phone interview that went really well, and since they liked my engineering background and formulation experience, they invited me down! I'm pretty excited, though I'm not jumping to any conclusions.

As you may expect, Sarah is less than enthused about the prospect of moving to Texas. She understands that it's only a faint possibility at this point, though. We are excited about getting carpet put in the two basement rooms tomorrow! The kids will have some more room to run around down there, which is always good.


The Wehrmeister's said...

Hey Jarom,
Looks like you haven't updated this in a while. Hope your family is doing well. It's Adam Wehrmeister, Jen was wondering how you were doing so she googled you and found this unupdated blog.


Heather Mowrer said...

Texas? Please. That's so yesterday. I've got a more updated speculation report than that ;).